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The social science that seeks to analyze and describe the production, distribution, and consumption of wealth it generate with time.

Course Outlines

Courses Availability
Intro to Economics Available
Economics as a Social Science Available
Basic Economics Tools Available
Theory of Production Available
Utility Available
Theory of Supply Available
Economic Systems Available
Methods and Tools of Economic Analysis Available
The theory of Demand Available
The theory of Supply Available
The Theory of Price Determination Available
The Theory of Production Available
Theory of Costs and Revenue Available
Market Structures In progress
National Income In progress
Money and Inflation In progress
Financial Institutions In progress
Public Finance In progress
Economic Growth and Development In progress
Agriculture in Nigeria In progress
Industry and Industrialization In progress
Natural Resources and the Nigerian Economy In progress
Business Organizations In progress
Distributive Trade In progress
Population In progress
International Trade And Balance Of Payments In progress
Economic Integration In progress
International Economic Organizations In progress
Factors of Production and their Theories In progress

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